Third Cohort of Pedagogical skills training ends participants awarded certificates

Makerere University is training all teaching staff in pedagogical skills so as improve service delivery, the training that started on Monday 3rd - 5th August 2018.  This training was organised for Assistant Lecturers from Makerere University College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences and College of Natural Sciences. It was organised by Makerere University Directorate of Human Resources

The third cohort of this training was closed by the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs, Prof Ernest Okello Okwang who thanked the Directorate of human resources for organising the training and Principal College of Education and External Studies, Prof Fred Masagazi-Masaazi  and the College in General for providing Technical Assistance through its School of East African School for Higher Education Studies and Development, School of Education and Centre for Teaching and Learning support.

Prof Ernest Okello Okwang stressed that Pedagogical training is focussing much on Assistant lecturer because the future of Makerere University lies in the hands of Assistant Lecturer. He also said that this training is intended to equip lecturers with skills that will enhance lectures ability to deliver knowledge well to students.

The Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs, Prof Ernest Okello Okwang also awarded certificates to the participants who successfully completed the training

The Director, Makerere University Directorate Human Resources, Mr. Andrew Abunyang revealed that University Management is in the process of Institutionalising pedagogical skills and making Pedagogical skills certificate a requirement for promotion for teaching staff at Makerere university in future. He stressed that employees of Makerere University should keep the Image of the university and this can only be reflected by what they do. He applauded participants for training up for the training and asked to go back and popularise the pedagogical skills training among their fellow staff

 Associate Professor, Betty Akkullu Ezati, the Dean, Makerere University School of Education presented a recap of the three days training and this include topics covered and expectations.  

Among the facilitators from CEES was Dr. David Onen, Prof. Christopher Mugimu, Dr. Ronald Bisaso, Dean East African School of Higher Education Studies and Development, Dr. David Kabugo and Dean School Education, Associate Professor Betty Akullu Ezati among other

One of the participants thanked the University for organising this training and appreciated the facilitators, she also revealed that facilitators have made participants meet they expectation and have learnt much from the Pedagogical skills training