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I warmly welcome you to the School of Distance and Lifelong Learning (SoDLL). This is one the Schools in the College of Education and External Studies (CEES). Others being the School of Education (SoE) and East African School of Higher Education Studies and Development (EASHED). SoDLL is the organ of the University, which specialises in promoting Adult Learning and Community Education in the University and the nation at large. Originally, it was given the responsibility of “taking the University to the people”. It was meant to spread “something of the principles and quality of University adult study and to the great majority of people who are unable to attend its internal courses.” The School has carried out its responsibilities in a flexible way, by responding to changing needs, priorities and situations in the country.

The School was started in 1953 as the Department of Extra Mural Studies of Makerere College. It has since metamorphosed in structure and capacity though maintaining focus. In 1966 it was renamed the Centre for Continuing Education (CCE) and in 1992 it became the Institute of Adult and Continuing Education (IACE) comprising of three departments namely: Extra Mural and Community Education, Distance Education and Adult Education and Communication Studies. The current status and name was assumed in 2010 when Makerere University (Mak) adopted the Collegiate system. It is currently composed of the Department of Adult and Community Education (DACE); The Institute of Distance and E-Learning (IoDEL); and Centre for Lifelong Learning (CLL). The current mandate of SoDLL is to:

  1. Develop the discipline of Adult and Community Education
  2. Provide University based educational opportunities for adults
  3. Develop the discipline of distance and open learning
  4. Undertake advocacy for adult, distance and open learning

Our research focus is currently largely on blended Learning i.e. Mobile Learning and or e-learning; Citizenship education; environmental education and sustainable development; refuge and community education. Some of our recent publications that can be freely accessed include: 1) Practices of Citizenship in East Africa (, 2) Learning, Philosophy and African Citizenship (, 3) NGO Legitimacy as a Continuous Negotiation Process: Fostering ‘Good Citizenship’ in Western Uganda  ( This is all made possible through various partnerships that include: Sustainable Futures Global Network (SFGN)… University of University of Jyväskylä, University of Oulu, University of Glasgow, University of Glasgow, DVV International, Kyambogo University, Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development (MoGLSD). The SoDLL is multidisciplinary in nature as it seeks to achieve socioeconomic transformation through various forms of adult learning. The majority of 30 strong academic staff now possess PhD qualification while the remaining few are soon completing their studies in various universities around the world. Once again, I welcome you and invite you to pattern with us

Harriet Nabushawo, PhD

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