No. Name of the PI Project Name
1 Prof. Fred Masagazi Masaazi Promoting Youth Employment by Integrating Employability Skills in Teacher and BTVET Education in Uganda
2 Dr. Rebecca Nambi Imparting Skills in Universal Secondary Education learners through Student training for Entrepreneurial Promotion
3 Dr. Genza Gyaviira Musoke Building Inclusive Learning Environments for Marginalized Societies in Uganda
4 Dr. Badru Musisi Promoting Community Policing by Integrating Soft-skills in Uganda Police Training Programs
5 Dr. Allen Nalugwa Kampala Ghetto Youth Training for Entrepreneurial Promotion
6 Dr. John Sentongo Use of ICT to promote Quality Science Education in Resource Constrained Secondary Schools in Central Uganda.
7 Prof. Anthony Mugagga Inclusive Care and Support for Early Childhood Development Framework
8 Dr. Victoria Kaggwa Tamale Psychosocial Education for Indigenous People project
9 Dr. Florence Nakamanya Enhancing Capacities of Women to Leadership Positions in Universities in Uganda (WOLEP) (multi-year) funded by MakRIF
10 Ronald Bisaso

Pedagogical Leadership of Academic Staff in Higher Education Institutions to Enhance     Graduate Work Readiness and Transition to Work (PLASHE-WIL) (multi-year) funded by MakRIF

Towards a Research-led University: Strengthening Makerere University’s Research, Grant Writing and Publication Capacity (Federal Award funded through the US Mission Uganda) (Dr. Ronald Bisaso –is a Co-Investigator) Partners: Michigan State University – Writing Center and the Alliance for African Partnership (AAP)


11 Dr. Michael Walimbwa

Building Capacity for Innovative Assessment in University Education- Government of Uganda- Mak RIF project.

Post Doctoral Research Award- CECAP 2022-2024. A Community of Practice for Enhanced Electronic Learning Methodologies in University Education.

12 Dr. Jamiah Mayanja


Dr. Jamiah Mayanja is the Principal investigator for this RIF project funded by the Government of Uganda. Project title “Increasing Access to Inclusive and Quality Business, Technical, Vocational Education and Training through Open, Distance and, eLearning (BTVETDEL)”. This Project won the second year funding in 2022.

13 Dr. Paul Birevu Muyinda

MCFSP eLI@Mak Project

Dr. Paul Birevu Muyinda is the Project Coordinator of this Mastercard Foundation Scholar Programme funded Initiative. Project title “Mastercard Foundation Scholars Programme e- Learning Initiative at Makerere University (MCFSP eLI@Mak)”. The Project was in its First year running in 2022. This Initiative is developing 2560 academic e-courses across the entire
University. The initiative will also procure and install 5 multimedia studios, 2 MUELE servers, 1 Video streaming server, 10 all-in-one digital scanners, an e-portfolio system and mobile MUELE.

CABUTE Project

Dr. Paul Birevu Muyinda is the Principal Investigator for this NORAD funded Project. Project title “Capacity Building for Research Based Teacher Education (CABUTE)”. In 2022 the project was in its 2nd year running. The Project enrolled 4 Ph.D. and 8 Master’s students in its scholarship program besides the investments that are being made in Music Education, English
Language Education, Mathematics, and General Education

TELLS Project

Dr. Paul Birevu Muyinda is the Principal Investigator for this NORAD funded Project. Project title “Transformative Education and Lifelong Learning for Sustainable Development (TELLS)”.

In 2022 the Project was in its 2nd year running. In the year under review, 5 Ph.D. and 2 Masters scholars were recruited to receive scholarships from the TELLS Projects. TELLS is a joint effort by Makerere University, Uganda, the University of Rwanda, Jimma University, Ethiopia, and the University of Agder, Norway on “Transformative Education and Lifelong Learning for Sustainable Growth (TELLS)”
· Important topics on the TELLS education and research agenda are life-long learning, new certificate structures, digital inclusion, embracing diversity, gender equality, 21st-century “soft skills”, enhanced capacity by using artificial intelligence, new pedagogical models, virtual student and staff exchange, and policies for the digital age.
· TELLS held its first conference on Future Education, in Kigali, from July 4th, 2022 to 8th 2022. It was hosted by the University of Rwanda. Prof. Paul Birevu Muyinda and Dr. Mayende participated in this conference

TELLS will offer high-quality education to a much wider part of society using courses and learning objects that are owned by all partners. TELLS enhances existing master programs for teachers and creates programs for life-long learning for teaching professionals.

· TELLS will co-create open Ph.D. courses for future digital education to lay characterized by a co-the work in TELLS is based on an open and inclusive approach that is characterized by a culture of co-creation. We are committed to research-based education as the basis for the renewal of our study programs. Embracing diversity, gender equality, and digital inclusion are critical success factors.
· TELLS will create a program for life skills with a special focus on female students and teachers, to prevent their withdrawal from studies and social exclusion. Each TELLS partner appointed one male and one female expert to lead our investigations. All experts are responsible for at least one task across the work program.

· The TELLS Project also supported the review of the MIDT Curriculum. The project commenced the Procurement of a state-of-the-art multimedia classroom.

EQIP Project

Dr. Paul Birevu Muyinda is the Principal Investigator for this NORPART/DIKU funded Project. Project title “Enhancing Quality and Internationalization of Study Programmes Through Mobile Transformative Pedagogy (EQIP)”. In 2022 the Project was in its 4th year running. EQIP facilitated 3 virtual and 2 physical students’ mobility to University of Agder, Norway.

14 Dr. Godfrey Mayende

G4D2OC Project
He Won USD 5000 MCFSP eLI small scale grant titled: Towards a Guide for Developing and Delivering Content Online in Higher Education in Developing Countries (G4D2OC). G4D2OC was a six-month project started and completed in 2022


15 Dr Irene Etomaro

Capacity Enhancement Project for Innovative Doctoral Education in Ugandan Universities (CEPIDE) – Funder – Uganda Government.

A MakRIF grant of UGX 220 Million was won in 2020, where Dr Irene Etomaro is the Principal Investigator. The research team includes: Etomaro, I. (PI), Onen, D., Bakkabulindi, F.E.K., Balojja, T. D. & Tusiime, M.H.In


16 Dr. Kaahwa Y. T:

Developing a Competence Profile for Graduate Teacher Trainees in Universities in Uganda.


17 Dr. Genza Musoke Building Inclusive Learning Environments for Marginalized Societies in Uganda: A Case Study of the Batwa Community in Uganda

Dr. Ssenkusu Peter


Play-Matters, formative research.
19 Dr. Sikoyo Leah. Unlocking potential for Enhanced Teaching and Learning of Students with Visual Impairment in Uganda’s public universities: Funded by MakRIF
20 Dr Tusiime Mukwenda Hillary

Exploring National and Institutional- Education Policy Challenges in Designing and Implementing All-inclusive Online Degree Programs at Makerere (Uganda), is PI for a research project.


21 Dr Tom D. Balojja Capacity Invigoration for Inclusive Education in Ugandan Universities, Principal Investigator is. The grant is worth USD 220,000