Center for Teaching and Learning Support (CTLS)


It is the mission of the Centre for Teaching and Learning Support, CEES to encourage and support effective innovative Learner-Centered and Scholarly teaching practices. CTLS seeks to promote faculty, staff and students in cultivating a Collegiate climate that encourages and rewards innovations in teaching and learning.

About the Centre

Established in December 2010, CTLS is a unit that reports to the office of the Principal, CEES. CTLS is an arm of the college that enables her to engage in knowledge and technology partnerships related to the CEES mandate. CTLS is dedicated to innovating and supporting teaching and learning through facilitating learner-centered and competency based pedagogical practices at Makerere University, with (in) different learning institutions in Uganda and beyond. The Centre offers a variety of workshops, seminars that facilitate the development of educators, teachers, students, professionals and individuals. It offers capacity building and retraining of staff, teachers and students to respond to changing curricula and national needs. CTLS strives to support learning institutions to create a socially responsive and contextually relevant teaching and learning environments that embrace principles of openness at all levels of education starting from pre-school, to post-secondary (higher education). Our key areas of innovation and support at different educational levels include: staff development, capacity building, trainings, mentorship, curriculum and instructional design, development, implementation and evaluation, as well as innovative utilization of digital tools, to promote Quality, Equitable and Inclusive education in humanities, Sciences and related disciplines. We collaborate and partner with national and international institutions with a focus of improving the quality of teaching and learning. CTLS will leverage external funding and collaborations to ensure and afford sustainability of its operations.

Dr. Dorothy Sebbowa Kyagaba
Center Head
Email us: dorothy.sebbowa[at]
Office Building: School of Education

Our Goals


Support and facilitate academic staff to learn and carry out evidence-based, learner-centered, and inclusive pedagogical practices.


Encourage academic staff and students in the use of innovative and interactive teaching methodologies including new uses of digital tools in humanities, Sciences and other disciplines with an aim of improving the quality of teaching and learning.


Offer workshops, seminars on career guidance, digital innovations, development of course and program-level learning outcomes, curriculum reviews- competency Based Curriculum.


Collaborate with the national and international institutions in building capacities of faculty and students in use of online technology as well as providing access to computer tools and software.


Schedule and plan events that address specific teaching and learning needs.


Encourage and coordinate grant projects in collaboration with other national and international higher education institutions/universities.