Tumwebaze Abert takes over from Karembe Ahimbisibwe as Chair Department of Adult and Community Education

The event took place on 4th September 2019, in MAKCEES Principal’s Office.  Professor Fred Massagazi Masaazi, the Principal College of Education and External Studies thanked Mr. Karembe Ahimbisibwe for his dedicated service to Makerere University while he served as the Chair Department of Adult and Community Education. He also wished him success in his PhD studies. He also said that Mr. Karembe College management to resolve a number of issues. He thanked Mr. Karembe for allowing the peaceful handover of office to the new incoming chair

Professor Fred Masagazi Masaazi also said that he knows Tumwebaze Albert the incoming Chair, Department of Adult and Community Education as a man of reality.  He also stressed that for the first time members of the department attended the official hand over which indicated that Members of staff have trust in all the outgoing and incoming Chair Department of Adult and Community Education

The handover was also attended by the Dean School of Distance and lifelong Learning Dr. Alex Okot. He stressed that this is a historical moment that has never happened before and said that when he was appointed Dean, he never witness a handover event.

Dr. Alex Okot also stressed that the department has young teaching that are not easy to administer. He said that but Tumwebaze Abert has been having a good relationship with other teaching staff in the department and that he had been in the department for a long time. He also wished Mr Karembe a himbisibwe a successful PhD study

While handing over office to the incoming chair, the outgoing chair Department of Adult and Community Education Mr. Karembe Ahimbisibwe asked members of staff that he may have rubbed shoulders with to forgive him. He said that he has given out office so that he can concentrate on his PhD studies. He stressed that Makerere University has made him who he is today and his willing to serve Makerere University in any capacity after completing his PhD studies.


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