MAKCEES Deputy Principal attends the Online Education Berlin Conference in German

On 5th December 2018, the Deputy Principal College Of Education and External Studies, Associete Professor Paul Birevu Muyinda was in Berlin attending Online Education Berlin Conference in German. One of his objectives of attending this global online learning conference is to compare our practice in online learning at Makerere University with that from universities in developed nations.


The Associate Professor of eLearning, Paul Berivu Muyinda (PhD) has note that:

1) Makerere University already has the human resources capacity to leverage upon to develop the e-learning/online learning capacity of other staff in the University.

2) The few pockets where Makerere University have managed to professionally develop online courses, Our (makerere University) development is comparable to developments from universities in the developed World;

3) Universities are increasingly sponsoring their staff to attend these global e-learning conferences to enable them develop capacity to migrant to the inevitable teaching and learning methodology.

The Conference is part of the EPICA Project activities. Assoc. Prof. Muyinda Birevu Paul while at the Online Education Berlin Conference participated in a panel discussion on skills development and visualisation using an ePortifolio on 7th December 2018.