MAK-CEES science teacher education laboratories receive new science equipment

The College of Education and External Studies (CEES) has this week on Monday, 4th June 2018 received science equipment for Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories from the Ministry of Education and Sports under the African Development Bank/ (HEST) project that is, the High Education Science and Technology project which has renovated the laboratories and is also responsible for setting up new lecture buildings at campus

Prof. F. Masagazi-Masaazi, the College Principal on behalf of the college leadrship congratulates the Dean, School of Education, Chair, Department of Science, Techichnical and Vocational Education and the entire School of Education for this achievement. He added  that as a college, using the little resources, we are priotizing RENOVATIONS of our facilities come next financial year.

Associate Professor, Paul Berive Muyinda (PhD) also said that when he was called by Pastor Kityo  on Monday informing him that CEES had 6 40ft containers with goods for College from MoES, it sounded like one of these calls from a conman until he set his eyes on a convoy of trailers snaking their way through the gates of Makerere University. Yes the goods were ours, he confirmed. He Congratulates the entire CEES fraternity. Congratulations to CEES Management under the wise leadership of Owek Prof. F. Masagazi-Masaaz.  He further congratulates former CEES Management under the leadership of Prof. J.C.Musaazi and Asoc Prof. Jessica Aguti. Congratulations CEES AfDB Team. Congratulations Management of School of Education under the accurate leadership of Asoc Prof. Betty Ezati. Congratulations Department of Science Technical and Vocational Education under the wise leadership of Dr. Henry Busulwa. Congratulations to the  Planing and Development Department under the wise leadership of Dr. Florence Mayega. Congratulations Makerere University. Our Science Education Programme won't remain the same. How I wish a screaming headline "Science Education at Mak gets Leapfrogged"

Written by

Ainembabazi Angeline, Student Intern; 

Isemaghendera Alex, Web Administrator