CEES Delegation meets Minister General Elly Tumwine

On 7th June 2018, Prof. F. Masagazi-Masaazi, the Principal College of Education and External Studies led the CEES delegation to meet the Minister of Security for Republic of Uganda General Elly Tumwine

The delegation included Prof. F. Masagazi-Masaazi, Associate Pro f Mugagga M Anthony, the Director Institute of Education Research, Dr. Kabugo David, The Coordinator Centre for Teaching and Learning Support

 The meeting with minister of security was hosted at his office his office at the Parliament of the Republic of Uganda, it was intended to discuss a programmes to be incepted at Makerere University to retool staff and students in life survival skills

During this meeting, CEES delegation and Minister Minister for Security, General Elly Tumwine discussed importand issues on 'Education for Sustainable Development. A program in knowledge for life, Employment and survival Skills'. Among other vital issues discussed was the MOE between CEES and UP will among others entail training programmes which could be administered and for the police. CEES through its Centres CLL and CTLS hope to bring University education to the very close door step of the police officers and men, many of whom are too busy are too busy to attend regular study programmes while others by the nature og their calling may have had no opportunity to go beyond the basic training and formal education.

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