CEES College Team Leader hands over office

On 15th July 2018, the College Principal Prof. Fred Masagazi Masaazi conducted a handover event where the outgoing CEES Finance Team Leader (Bursar) Mr. Henry Amanya handed over office to the incoming Finance Accountant (Bursar) Mr. Ronald.

Professor Fred Masagazi Masaazi thanked the outgoing college Bursar Mr. Henry Amanya for his outstanding performance during his tenure at the college of Education and External Studies. He said Henry Amanya come in at the time when Makerere University was transforming into a collegiate System and Amanya Henry supported Makerere University College of Education and External Studies to transition from Faculty to Collegiate system without faulting the financial regulations

Mr. Henry Amanya while presenting a hand over report, he used the opportunity to say bye to CEES fraternity. He stressed that the time he spend at CEES from September 2011 to June 2019 he enjoyed a good, friendly and a homely kind of attachment to the CEES fraternity. CEES family has been his second home for the last close to 8 years. He felt it was sincere to say that he was going to miss the cordial attachment he had with CEES family. He said that he will leave to thank God and he had no regrets whatsoever to have worked with CEES family.            

He passed a vote of thanks to the management of CEES that he worked with all through.  He stressed that College Management was very supportive all through. He also applauded CEES staff in general for giving him the opportunity to serve them and the College in general. He was apologetic to whoever he may have rubbed shoulders with in a wrong way during the course of performing his duties.  He said that error is too human but to forgive is divine, he kindly asked those he may have offended to find space in their heart to forgive him.  He also said that he has forgiven whoever he could have rubbed shoulders with during execution of his duty the wrong way.    

He concluded by saying that he remains a member of CEES family. He pointed out that at CEES he was in a family, home away from home and that it shall remain a home as we work for the future. For God and my country.

Mr George Turyamureba from Makerere University Internal Audit unit applauded Mr. Henry Amanya for accepting to hand over office peacefully saying that there are some officers who sometimes refuse to handover offices. He also advised that handing over is a process more especially when it comes to offices that handle finances 

Henry Amanya handed over office to Mr Ronald the incoming College of Education and External Studies Accountant

The handover of office was witnessed by the Acting CEES Deputy Principal, Asoc. Prof. Betty Ezati, Representative from Makerere University Internal Audit Mr. George Turyamureba, College Human Resource Office Mr. Okiror Godwin, the Procurement Office Mr. Byarugaba, the Coordinator Centre for Teaching and Learning Support Dr. David Kabugo, Tumwesgye Tibs Jimmy from the department of Adult and Community Education, Tumwebaze Abert from the department of Adult and Community Education and the Acting Communication Officer

Henry Amanya communicated the same farewell message to one of the college communication channels.  Both teaching and none teaching staff applauded Amanya Henry for his good conduct. For example below are the some of the responses from the members of staff

Mr. Turyakira Nazarius said in his own words that “Henry thank you for being a loving person. We shall definitely miss you. The working relations you had established, the networks you had established, the support you extended in good and bad times we shall miss you. Just a simple request wherever you go and whatever you do remember CEES. If you happen to have a function whether in good or bad times let's know. Personally I have a big debt to pay. Let's pray that you get a better and more rewarding office. God bless you”

Assoc. Prof. Muyinda Paul said in his own words that “Henry, I worked with you as a Faculty, Head of Department, Dean, Deputy Principal, Project Coordinator and Friend. In all these my capacities you proved to be a resourceful person. To me I won't say CEES will miss you. You are still with us.  CEES will still continue interfacing with you wherever you go but in a different capacity. The brotherly relationship developed while in CEES premises should continue in the new premises you are relocating to. As Nazarius has said, we all owe you in social matters. Do not hesitate to give us a shout whenever, a social event arises. Keep your usual positive attitude to work that I have found in you wherever you go.”