The College of Education and External Studies student Association organised a sports competition on 25th October 2017, Students from all departments in the college participated. The stiff competition was between Bachelor of Science with Education team and Bachelor of Arts with Education team but finally Bachelor of Science with Education team emerged the winner.

The Champions (Bachelor of Science with Education team)

After the final game, the student leaders from various student associations introduced themselves, starting with the CEES Guild President who thanked the quest of honour for having accepted his invitation to preside over the function, ministers followed and finally the sports nurse gave her word of thanks to the players and reported that despite a few injuries, footballers played well.

Mr. Richard Kajumbula, assistant Lecturer in the institute of Open Distance and e-learning presided over the event. He started by introducing the CEES Communication officer who had accompanied him, thanked all students who participated in the Sports competition and said that everybody was a winner because there other students who did not participate. He further thanked the student for having invited him to preside over the event and thanked all student associations in the college for organising peaceful and successful sports competitions. Also stressed that through sports, we can improve on our body physical fitness, work together, share, make friends and be united

The guest of honour congratulated the winners and those who received medal and encouraged student to continue organising sports event and always remain united, added by saying that chaos is not always good. He also performed the last function of awarding meddles to the outstanding players of the day, organisers and finally awarded a trophy to the winning team.


Top scorer being awarded a meddle


Winning Team Captain

Final game

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