October 2017


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The Department  of Humanities and Language Education, School of Education, successfully negotiated with Hanban Headquarters, China and the Confucius Institute, Makerere University to start training teachers of Chinese Language  Associate Professor, Mulumba Mathias Bwanika, the department chair was offered an opportunity to benchmark Chinese language teacher preparation in several universities in China. He is currently...
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On 25th October 2017, DSTVE held TESSA (Teacher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa) workshop under TESSA Project.  The theme of the workshop was “Making Teacher Education Relevant for 21st Century Africa”.   In attaining the above, an online course has been introduced to help teacher’s use active learning and ICT in the classroom. The online course will...
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The College of Education and External Studies student Association organised a sports competition on 25th October 2017, Students from all departments in the college participated. The stiff competition was between Bachelor of Science with Education team and Bachelor of Arts with Education team but finally Bachelor of Science with Education team emerged the winner. The...
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The newly appointed Makerere University Vice Chancellor Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe visited the college of Education and External Studies (CEES) on 20th October 2017. He was accompanied by Acting Deputy Vice Chancellor (Finance & Administration) Professor William Bazeyo and the University Management Team The Vice Chancellor and his Team then held a consultative meeting with CEES...
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With support from NORAD (NORHED), the College of Education and External Studies has been able to revamp the former AVU Viewing and Studio Rooms into the DELP Video Conferencing Studio and DELP Multimedia Studio respectively.   Faculty can now author multi-media content from this Studio and embed it in their electronic content for use by...
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