Student Exchange Programe - Uganda Field Course 2018

In January 2018, the Department of Adult and community Education at Makerere University College of Education and External Studies received 15 students from the University of Agder in Kristiansand studying development Studies and come to Uganda for our field course for four weeks through student exchange programme between the University of Agder in Kristiansand and Makerere University College of Education and External Studies

At the beginning of the field course, the Department of Adult and Community Education organised a briefing session for the students at the School of Distance and Lifelong Learning Conferere Hall.  During the briefing Dr. Twine Bananuka made a presentation to the students. The students were able to travel to Northern Uganda and to Eastern Uganda under the guidance of the Makerere Staff.

During the debriefing, the students made a wonderful presentation of the field course findings and their experience of different environments like high temperatures in Northern Uganda, a lower standard of living compared to the capital. The reasons for this was the climate change, and that the people were still affected by the war 15 years ago, they also stated that they were excited  seeing  wild animal like elephants, giraffes, monkeys, antelopes and the biggest river in the world, the Nile as they travelled to Arua

The student field course involved a number of activities like visiting refugee’s settlement camps, homestay especially in Mbale and the purpose of the homestay was to get an experience in field research and to live amongst and interact with local Ugandans. Student reported that this a new experience to them, enjoyed a lot of fun and connected well with Ugandan families.

The field course also involved topics like Gender and Education, Gander and Health, gender and disaster. Students also visited some tourism place places in Jinja and Kampala

Students gave a huge thanks to all of their new friends from Uganda who took such good care of them and for showing them everything about this spectacular country. And a big thanks to Hanne for joining them at Makerere University for the first week and to Ida Martine for joining and supporting them on the rest of their journey. Also thanked Nuluyati and Joseph Watuleke for planning and fixing everything on the trip and joining them for the whole month.