Principle CEES Led a team from CEES to Kenya

The College Principal, Prof. F. Masagazi-Masaazi led a team from CEES to the official Launch Ceremony of Pedagogical Leadership in Africa (Pedal). The team from CEES include Dr Sikoyo Leah and Dr. Kabugo David. The two will participate in the inception workshop for Padel for one week

The official launch event took place on Monday August 6, 2018 at the Intercontinental Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya. The event has brought together government officials, University Leaders and managers, educational Policy actors drown from various national, regional and global organisations, research organisation, the media, development partners and university teaching staff and student from across the continent

PSGR is an independent, non-partisan and not profit making organisation established in 2011 and located in Kenya and currently PSGR is Pioneering the Partnership of Pedagogical Leadership in Africa (PadeL).  The Four year continental wide initiative is aimed at catalysing systemic change in teaching and learning practices in African Universities. Pedal is one of the projects awarded by DFID. Strategic Partnership for Higher Education innovation and reform (SPHEIR) grant on Pedagogical Innovation

The expected outcome of the workshop is that the ideas, knowledge and experiences emerging from the inception workshop will be harnessed in an inbuilt process of learning and adaptation to enhance the quality and relevance of PedaL. The event will also foster deeper understanding of PedaL and secure broad based ownership by key university stakeholders that will drive demand, replication and increased access as PedaL becomes more visible across the continent. It will also stem important conversations with policy actors and strengthen the academia-policy nexus that is critical for further engagement around an enabling policy environment for creating systemic change in teaching and learning across universities on the continent.