Love Bint imparts reusable pad making skills to MakCEES Students

On 14th March 2018, Step30 International Ministries was at Makerere University at the Department of Adult and Community Education, School of Distance and Lifelong Learning, College of Education and External Studies. Love Bint is a project promoting and teaching the use of reusable sanitary pads for girls in Africa. Love Bint aims to love and care for young women in Africa by equipping them with skills of making pads as well as empowering them by understanding their value and boosting their self-confidence

This event was organised by Mr. Joseph Watuleke, Assistant Lecturer at the Department of Adult and Community Education and a PhD student at Makerere University. He is passionate about equipping students with entrepreneurial skills and empowering young women with skills that can help them after university studies and change lives of people in their communities

The event was also graced by the Ag Dean, School of Distance and lifelong Learning and Ag Chair, Department of Adult and Community Education who gave motivational speeches to students. Mr Karembe Ahimbisibwe the Ag Chair Department of Adult and Community Education thanked Step30 International Ministries for bringing Love Bint project to Makerere University to teach our students on the use of reusable sanitary pads for girls and he applauded bint love for the reusable sanitary pads and he stressed that this is a big challenge in the country especially in the rural areas because of poverty and this has caused high school dropout for girls. He advised students to take the knowledge of making reusable pads to their home district and act as change agents.

The Dean School of Distance and Lifelong Learning Dr. Okot Alex told students that at undergraduate level they are taught concepts and once concepts are combined with practical skills then they will never go wrong and on that basis he thanked Step30 International Ministries for its initiative that is aimed at strengthening the competences and skills of the students at the school of Distance and lifelong learning. He also stressed that many girls are dropping out of school because lack of sanitary pads.  He stressed that skills and competences have an impact on the economy of any country. At one time the School got such an opportunity and students learnt how to make Insulated Charcoal stoves, Books, Candles and they are now making money. He urged students to take love bint opportunity serious but warned them not to be tricked by business men who may earn more money out of their skills. He said some students have been tricked before.

Love Bint demonstration to students on how on how to make reusable sanitary pads. The demonstration was carried by the Alumnus of Makerere University who graduated with Bachelor of Library and Information Science and currently running Children Non Governmental Organisation which is collaborating with Step30 International Ministries on Love Bint project. Miss Susan a mother of two motivated students that it’s possible to make a change in somebody’s life. She demonstrated to student practically how to make a reusable pad and this moved everybody in the room. She said that reusable pad can be used for two years. Students were taken through different steps of making a reusable pad. Sanitary pads were made using locally available materials on the market and using old clothes at home.