First Day at National Council for Higher Education Exhibition

Today 21st March 2019, Makerere College of Education and External Studies participated in the 11th NCHE Exhibition that is running from 21st -23rd March 2019 at Lugogo Show grounds. The theme of the exhibition is “MAINSTREAMING INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY: THE EXPLOITATION OF SOCIAL MEDIA FOR HIGHER EDUCATION DELIVERY AND MANAGEMENT”

We thank Assoc. Prof. Paul Birevu Muyinda, the Deputy Principal MAKCEES and Dr. Dorothy Kyagaba Sebbowa from School of Education for providing with information on how the College of Education and External studies is exploitating social media for education delivery and management.

The Associate Professor of e-Learning Paul Muyinda (PhD) at College of Education and External studies provided information about whatsApp as a Tool for Mobile Continuous Professional Development for Tutors of Distance Learning Programmes. This enabled exhibitors to be able to explain how WhatsApp has the affordances-of-expression ability, knowledge-co-creation ability, collaborative-learning ability, interactive-learning ability and resources-sharing ability. With these affordances, WhatsApp can aid tutors to seamlessly acquire distance tutoring skills. Including facilitating: student-centred learning and tutoring, peer-to-peer learning, moderating group discussions, online and face-to-face learner support, instructional materials design, collaborative engagements of distance learners, identifying and counselling at-risk learners, learner-tutor relationships, preparing students for formative and summative assessment, using assignments as a tutoring tool, marking assignments and examinations, record keeping, and sharing of different scholarly resources.

Dr. Dorothy Sebbowa shared information with MAKCEES exhibitors on the Utilisation of a Mobile Phone Forum on the Winksite application in the teaching and learning of History: A case study of Pre-service Teachers at Makerere University.  This helped to exhibitors to understand and be able to explain that mobile phone forums enhance interactions between lecturers-students, students-students as a helpful precondition for collaborative learning and reflection about the human past.

The College also exhibited online/blended learning programmes that are a Bachelor of Youth Development Work (BYD) Online Programme and Master of Instructional Design and Technology (MIDT). We also exhibited all other academic offered at College of Education and External Studies especially School of Education holiday and weekend masters programmes