CEES Presents Graduands at the 68th Makerere University Graduation Ceremony


On Tuesday 16th January, the College of Education and External studies presented graduands at Makerere University Freedom Square at the 68th Makerere University Graduation Ceremony.

The ceremony was presided over by the University Chancellor Prof. Ezira Suruma, in his speech he welcomed all distinguished quests in their capacities to the first session of the 68th graduation of Makerere University. He stressed that he was pleased to hear from the vice chancellors speech that the volume of research conducted by the University has continued to grow and applauded the university staff for conducting cross cutting edge research and urged the university staff to conduct research that is relevant and have a beneficial impact on the people of Uganda

The Chancellor applauded all graduands from different colleges that were scheduled for the first session of the 68th graduation of Makerere University; he finally applauded those who have qualified to join the education section, stressing that teachers are the most important channels for communicating knowledge and in forming character.  He said that a country without education and without morality is doomed to extinction

In his remarks, the Vice Chancellor stated that it was his great honour and privilege to welcome you all to the 68th graduation ceremony of Makerere University and as the 11th Vice Chancellor of Makerere University on this first session of the 68th Graduation ceremony.

He congratulate all of you graduands and your parents upon this noble achievement and also I applauded all members of staff who were awarded PhDs and Masters Degrees in various disciplines. He added that their dedication to improving themselves academically will certainly boost the Makerere University academic profile. He also used opportunity to congratulate all members of staff who have been promoted to various academic levels in the last one year.

The Vice Chancellor thanked Government of Uganda and development partners who have supported Makerere University through the years.

While addressing the congregation, he highlight the university achievements for the year 2016/2017 in the areas of research and innovation by saying that many new innovations were recorded arising out of research in various colleges and Makerere University remained highly ranked in research productivity on the African Continent, on infrastructure development he said that it remains a major area of concern for our University,  also said that the university benefitted from the AfDB-HEST funded project through a loan to the Government of Uganda. Two central teaching facilities have been built. He also said that University Management plans to rehabilitate the sports facilities in the university and sanitation facilities in the halls and colleges

Professor Banabas Nawangwe also pointed out that to ease service delivery; the University Central Management has decentralized the issuance of Makerere University academic transcripts. He was happy to report that all students that have fulfilled all the requirements for graduation can now pick their transcripts from their respective college registrars immediately after graduation ceremony and this attracted applause from grandaunts. He also said the University has introduced central marking system in all colleges as a remedy to loss of student marks among many related problems associated with student examinations marking

To the College of Education and External Studies, the Vice Chancellor, Professor Banabas Nawangwe stated three achievements from the college and these are;