MAK-CEES hosts professors from Kennesaw State University USA

MAK-CEES through its School of Education is hosting professors from Kennesaw State University, Atlanta in Georgia State, USA. Makerere University and Kennesaw State University have staff and student exchange programme under MOU between the two universities.  A number of academic staff members from the College of Education and External Studies have benefited from this kind of collaborative engagement.

Kennesaw State University staff (Professors) are here at Makerere University, College of Education and External Studies at the staff exchange programme for a period of two weeks.  Students from Kennesaw State University have been here several times on the student exchange programme. The Professors toured Makerere University under the guidance of Mr. Kategaya Rogers, Assistant Lecturer in the School of Education.  Dr. Itaaga Nicholas, the Chair, Department of Foundations and Curriculum Studies gave them a one hour lecture about the historical, Geographical, Cultural and Economic aspects of Uganda.

On 7th May 2018, the Professors from Kennesaw State University paid a courtesy visit to the CEES Principal. Principal CEES, Prof. F. Masagazi-Masaazi host a group of Professors at his office led by Dr. Itaaga Nicholas, the Chair, Department of Foundations and Curriculum Studies, School of Education, who introduced the visitors to the College Principal. 

The Principal welcomes the group of Professors and he informed the professors that College of Education and External Studies (CEES) is teacher training institution and offers specialised training in higher education through the East African School of Higher Education Studies and Development.  He also stressed that CEES offers distance Education and adult Education. The college has a school of distance and lifelong Learning that caters for specialised technical aspects for Adult Education and distance education. He stressed that with the increase in the number of student joining higher institutions of learning in Uganda and Makerere University, the school in mandated to look for a mode of delivery to cater for the big student number. The school has championed e-learning and the development, research and application of professional approaches to adult and continuing education in response to national and global challenges.

Prof. F. Masagazi-Masaazi also told the visitors that the college also has the School of Education that trains and produces teachers, lecturers, education managers and administrators competent to adapt to present and emerging demand for skills, knowledge and practices relevant to educational research and services, to support national, regional, and international development

He stressed that CEES is happy to be associated with Kennesaw State University in this collaborative engagement (Staff and Student Exchange Programme) and we looking forward to have many areas of collaboration with Kennesaw State University and other the universities world over.

The visiting professors thanked the Principal College of Education and External studies for welcoming them and allowing them the chance to visit Makerere University.  The informed the principal, they also want to tour the country and see the much beauty of the country side.

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