School of Education develops E-learning and Teacher Education learning materials

Since its inception Universal Secondary Education has suffered inadequate classroom space, shortage of qualified teachers and learning materials. Makerere University through the School of Education has implemented ELATE (E-learning and Teacher Education) project to address these challenges. Free and easily accessible learning materials incorporating job related life skills have been developed and disseminated to build the capacity of teachers.

This has enabled teachers to produce holistically trained learners who can transfer knowledge beyond the classroom setting into their daily lives. The job related life skills; including communication, problem solving and personal attributes will equip students with entrepreneurship skills and assist them in becoming more employable. The learning materials have also increased productivity and efficiency by reducing the time taken to prepare a lesson plan.

The ELATE products are aimed at secondary school users including teachers, teacher trainers and trainees, students, parents, policy makers. The materials can be accessed on the ELATE website: or on CD-ROMS and hardcopy format for areas with no computer access. ELATE is a joint venture between the School of Education, Makerere University, the Open University UK, and Education Partnerships in Africa (EPA).

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