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Approaches for Implementation of Education for Sustainable Development in Higher Education in Uganda: A Case of Busitema University

Ujeyo Margaret Stella

(PhD Student)


The contribution of higher education institutions as the main drivers of change in ameliorating the immense sustainability challenges plaguing the world is widely acknowledged. Many higher education institutions have taken innovative strides in incorporating Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). However, there are hardly any reports on how higher education institutions in Uganda contribute to sustainable development goals. Busitema University’s mission is “to educate and train for societal transformation and sustainability.” This study aimed to investigate the approaches adopted by academic staff at Busitema University in Uganda to educate for sustainable development. The transformative learning theory and pragmatist philosophical stance informed and influenced the investigation. A concurrent mixed methods strategy based on a cross-sectional survey and case study design was adopted, employing quantitative and qualitative approaches to answer the research questions on programmatic, pedagogical approaches, and ICT use. Self-administered questionnaires to academic staff, interviews with key ESD persons, and focus group discussions with students were used to develop detailed research evidence. Documents were reviewed to complement primary data. The findings show that academic staff at Busitema University have adopted varied, discipline-based programmatic approaches for implementing education for sustainable development without embracing the much desired whole system approach. They dominantly use teacher-centered pedagogical approaches and have not fully embraced transformative pedagogical approaches. They use ICTs basically for general tasks of communication and information sharing. The study recommends a holistic, comprehensive, and multidimensional programmatic approach in order to develop, harmonize and strengthen implementation; adoption of transformative pedagogical approaches; and intentional use of ICTs to implement programmatic and pedagogic approaches for Education for Sustainable development.  


  1. Dr. Rovincer Najjuma
  2. Assoc. Prof. Ronald Bisaso


Date: Thursday 8th September 2022

Time: 10.00 AM – 12.00 Noon

Venue: Curriculum Building – Room 126

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