Prof. Mugagga appeals for support to special needs students as Council visits CEES

The College of Education and External Studies was on February 27, 2023 privileged to host Makerere University council members to a meeting where the Principal, Prof. Anthony Muwagga Mugagga appealed for support towards students with special needs.

The Principal appealed to the University council to consider buying a van for special needs students to aid their movement and participation in teaching and learning activities on campus. Prof. Mugagga informed the governing council that the College has the biggest number of students with special needs, but is constrained in aiding their movement from the College of Education and External Studies to other colleges where they undertake courses.

This was during a visit the Council members made to the College to introduce the new council members to the leadership of the college.

The Principal also appealed for specialized toilets for this category of students. He informed the Council that while the College had received some equipment for the blind, through the ‘Unlocking potential for Enhanced Teaching and Learning of Students with Visual Impairment in Uganda’s public universities: the role of assistive technologies’, project under the Makerere University Research and Innovations Fund (RIF), the College was still in need of a lot of equipment which will ease the teaching and learning of special needs students.

Acknowledging the 70 computers that the College received from the University Management, Prof. Mugagga requested for provision of more computers in the next financial year to support teaching and learning services. Prof. Mugagga also took note of the current partnerships that Makerere University has undertaken with Stanbic Bank to ensure that students and parents at Makerere University buy personal laptops through installments.

Considering the ever growing numbers of students due to the demand for courses in education, the College has over 6,000 students. The Principal highlighted the need for Council and Management to prioritise the refurbishment of teaching and learning facilities/spaces at the College.

Responding to the presentation from the Principal, the Council members pledged to address some of the challenges that the College is facing.

The Principal also pointed out some of the achievements of the College.  He applauded the members of staff and researchers at the College for winning 15 grants under Makerere University Research and Innovation Fund.

Prof. Mugagga also informed the Council members that the College had signed an MoU with Jesuit Refugee Services to offer scholarships to refugee students, asylum seekers and vulnerable female students of the School of Education. He pointed out that 28 candidates will benefit during the first year of this arrangement.

The College successfully hosted the 3rd Prof. William Senteza Kajubi Memorial Lecture, this time putting emphasis on his Fulbright Scholarship, under the theme, “Internationalization of Higher Education in the Next Century.” The lecture was graced by Her Excellency Natalie Brown, the US Ambassador to Uganda, and the keynote address was given by Dr. Michael Pippenger, Vice President and Associate Provost for Internationalization at the University of Notre Dame. The event attracted over 300 physical participants and 98 online participants.

The council members that visited

  1. Mrs Lorna Magara, Chair Makerere University Council
  2. Rt. Hon. Daniel Fred Kidega
  3. Prof. Sarah Ssali
  4. Mr Bruce B. Kabasa
  5. Mr. Edwin Karugire
  6. Mr. Sengonzi E Damulira

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