Resumption of Teaching And Learning Through ODEL

Senate at its Emergency meeting heId on 9* August 2021 deli be ra ted on resumption of teaching and lea r ning th rough online for semester II 20 2 0/20 2 1 for Final Year stu d ents and Graduate programmes that had completed Semester 1 20 2 0/20 2 1 examinations.

Senate also ale libe rated on th e return o I stu de nts on the Health S cien ces prog rarn mes (starting with cl ini ca1 years) 1 o r com p letio n of Semester 1 2020/2021 examinations and resumption of Semester I I 2020/2021, following the a uthorizati on and guidelines from the National Council for Higher Education (NCH E).

Senate agreed as follows:

1. To have a staggered/split commencement of Semester 1 I 2020/202 1.

2. That teaching and learning th rough ODEL for Semester I I 2020/2021 will commence on 30'^ August 2021 for Final Year students an d Graduate program mcs that had completed Semester 1 2 02 0/2 02 1 examine tions.

3. That reporting for stu dents on Medical and Health Science progra mnie s will commence with the clinical years a nd gra duate students (As detailed in the letter fro m th e Principal CHS atto cued) of College of Health Sciences (CHS) and College of Vete rina ry Medicine, Animal Resources and Biosecurity (C OVAB) on 16'• August 2 021.

4. The rest of the edu d ents in n o n -clinical years will resu me th ro ugh virtual lectures, until further guidance from NHCE and Ministry of Education and Sports (MO ES).

5. Academc Units and faculty members should ma ke all p re parations to update Teaching a nd Learning materials on the MUELE.

The p urpo se of this communication is to in form you about the decision of Senate. PI else note that the detailed Semester calendar will be se nt in due course Cc The Vice-Chancello r Th e Deputy Vice -Chancellor (Academic Affairs)

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