Dr. Masereka Levi Kahaika

Masereka Levi Kahaika



Committed to professionalism, I excel in Kiswahili teaching, research, translation, and interpretation. Collaborating seamlessly, I prioritize efficiency and cost-effectiveness while meeting deadlines and goals. With clear communication skills, I’ve supervised over 10 postgraduates and guided 200+ undergraduates in research and practical applications.

My approach is rooted in ethical practices, ensuring the delivery of relevant solutions. I engage effectively with individuals from diverse backgrounds and all levels of authority, fostering strong communication channels. Through meticulous organization and a positive attitude, I tackle challenges with resilience and enthusiasm, consistently delivering meaningful outcomes.

In summary, I bring extensive experience and expertise to any endeavor, with a proven track record of success in Kiswahili education and research. Driven by a genuine passion for my field, I am committed to excellence and eager to contribute positively to any team or project.


  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)| University of Dar es Salaam PhD in Kiswahili Specializing in Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition
  • Masters : Islamic University in Uganda Masters of Arts in Kiswahili Specializing in Linguistics
  • Bachelors DegreeBachelors Degree in Education