The Principal CEES addressed the school practice supervisors

On 25th May 2018, the School Practice Coordinator Dr. Sekiziyivu Samuel held the school Practice supervisor briefing session at the School of Education Conference whole. The event was graced by the Principal College of Education and External Studies, Prof. F. Masagazi-Masaazi.  The College Principal reminded the Academic Staff of their role as School Practice Supervisors and stressed that every supervisor is expected to make a report and funds accountability at the end of the school practice supervision exercise.  Prof. F. Masagazi-Masaazi informed Lecturers that the New Year theme for CEES is “Rebuilding the image of the College of Education and External and Makerere University in general”.  He thanked the Lectures for turning up for the briefing session and to act professionally while supervising students during school practice.

 The Associate Professor of eLearning, Paul Berivu Muyinda (PhD), the Deputy Principal, College Of Education and External Studies who is in charge of academic affairs in the college also addressed School Practice Supervisors at the event, he advised academic staff at school of Education to adopt the modern methods to teaching in order to become a 21st century teachers. He stressed that the ways of teaching has completely changed in 21st century from way teaching was done during the previous decades. He also stressed that there is need to train our students from School of Education the modern ways of teaching like e-teaching and using e-learning equipment so as to be able to produce students that meet the market demands given that some upscale secondary schools now use e-learning equipments. He also said that there is need to follow the UNESCO framework for teacher training. He also pointed out that report from previous year school practice show that students from School of Education were confident and were eager to learn.

The Dean School of Education was represented by Dr. Henry Busulwa, the Chair, Department of Science Technical and Vocational Education; he reminded School practice Supervisor of teaching and professional ethics of a teacher. He also emphasised that the dressing code of a Lecturer is very important saying that the dressing code of a teacher speaks volumes in front of a student you are going to supervise. He also shared his school practice experiences with supervisors and advised lecturers to be more creative and innovative while at school practice. He warned school practice supervisors not to give free marks to student giving an example of a medical Lecturer who gave free marks to a student who was studying pharmacy and prescribed a wrong drug to that killed the mother of Medical lecture. He said that whatever we do comes back to use. He also warned school practice supervisor about sexual harassment.

During the briefing session, Dr. Joseph Oonyu, Associate Professor in the Department of Science Technical and Vocational Education, gave an exciting presentations about reliability and validity of School practice at School of Education, Makerere University. He was sharing research finding of his research about school practice at School of Education and response from student who had carried out school Practice. His presentation pointed at the tool used to assess the teaching; he talked about the assessment tool and pointed at the gap in the School Practice assessment tool. He stressed that what is happening in the schools today is not well blended with what is happening in the teacher training institutions.  He also advised that School of Education to use Makerere College School as a lab for teaching practice for School of Education Students

Dr. Kabugo David discussed the presentation of Associate Professor Oonyu Joseph and he pointed out that the matter fairness need to taken serious in the school practice assessment tool.  Assessment tool should not be used on different categories of students. He advised the use of electronic portfolio to be adopted to share the student experiences during school practice.

Dr Walimbwa Michael presented the draft of the school practice manual for the School of Education and during his presentation he called on Lecturers to read the draft of the School Practice manual and send their inputs on what they feel should be included in the manual. He requested his fellow academic staff to forward more ideas that will make School of Education be able to produce products that meets the market demands

The School Practice Coordinator Dr. Sekiziyivu Samuel, told the academic staff that school practice assessment tool continues to be improved and more improvement will go on from day to day to meet  the challenges of the day.  He emphasised the issue of making written reports after school practice exercise to be taken serious