New! New Programme! Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and Rural Innovation External (BARI-EXT) now running

Makerere University College of Education and External Studies (CEES) in collaboration with the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CAES) offers a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and Rural Innovation (BARI-EXT) distance education mode of study. Through the Department of Open and Distance Learning ,CEES is responsible for the administrative and support functions whilst CAES through its Department of Agriculture Extension and Innovation is responsible for the academic functions of the programme. BARI-EXT students are registered with CEES and are hosted by the CAES. BARI-EXT is a four-year distance education programme with multi-disciplinary orientation to rural development.

The goal of the programme is to strengthen the relevance of the curriculum by encompassing the emerging national agricultural and rural development issues such as poverty, natural resource degradation, and socio-economic inequities, among others. The curriculum modification includes the addition of more rural development and innovations, entrepreneurial, business-oriented, and social science-related courses which will make graduates more capable of facilitating rural innovation through providing innovative, need-based, demand-driven, market-oriented services in a liberalized and competitive service delivery system that currently characterizes the agricultural sector. It will also match the human resource requirements of several stakeholder organizations at national, regional and international level.

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By Sheila Mwebaze Tindi