Message from the President MUCEESA 2012-13

Gallant Makerereans,

Allow me to greet you in the name of the almighty. I am humbled, by the task before me and my cabinet, grateful by the trust you’ve bestowed, yet mindful of the fact that College of Education and external Studies deserves the best. I thank God because He has kept us alive up to today. I also thank President John Mooka and his team plus everybody behind the founding of MUCEESA and for service to our College (CEES). I cannot forget our beloved Principal, our dear Deans and the entire College staff for the parental and unconditional guidance and assistance.

I pledge to reaffirm the firm foundation for our young MUCEESA which foundation has already been established by great men and women of great valor. I appeal to the CEES community, that whereas we demand observance of students’ rights, it requires a high sense of responsibility. Duty must be reciprocated by rights. At this moment, MUCEESA is in place, NOT because we are a special college, but because we, as CEES, have remained faithful to our principles and true to our values.

Today, the challenges we are facing in our College are old. They were not born yesterday, not last week and not even last year. And as such, they may not be met easily in one day, one week, or even one month, But know this fellow comrades, that they will be met under whatever circumstances.

To the team I am going to work with, and to anyone who is willing to work with us, discipline, responsibility, cooperation, unity and team work, are the ‘’password’’ because I believe by these, we shall maintain and reaffirm the foundation of MUCEESA, as we struggle for Excellence, in a bid to build for the future, For God and my country.

I thank you, May God bless you!


MUCEESA President 2012-2013