CEPIDE Team Publishes Report and Policy BriefCEPIDE Team Publishes Report and Policy Brief

Capability Enhancement Project for Innovative Doctoral Education at Ugandan Universities (CEPIDE) is a project under Makerere University Research and Innovation Fund (RIF). Makerere University received special funding from the Government of Uganda to support high impact research and innovations that inform national development priorities. The objective of the fund is to increase the local generation of translatable research and scalable innovations that address key gaps required to drive Uganda’s development agenda. The fund illustrates the increasing importance that the Government of Uganda attaches to research and innovation as a catalyst to Uganda’s progression towards middle income status as expressed in Vision 2040.

CEPIDE is designed to build capacity for innovative doctoral education in Uganda. The broad aim is to build institutional capacity and individual capabilities of doctoral supervisors at Ugandan universities by trailblazing to engender a shift from traditional modalities to innovative approaches of doctoral education. This is envisaged to contribute towards producing doctorates that are able to undertake translatable research, train innovative researchers with 21st century transferable knowledge and skills-a cadre of doctorates who have the capability to contribute to improving Uganda’s innovative capacity in the global economy and solve local societal problems more directly. 

The research culminated into publication of a report and and a policy brief which was shared with various stakeholders.

CEPIDE Team for policy dialogue with National Planning  Authority on Tuesday April 13 2021. Left is the Executive Director NPA  Dr. Joseph Muvawala, center is Dr. Irene Etomaru PI CEPIDE,  Right is Dr. Tom D. Balojja    CEPIDE Team member and at the back is Mr. Harris Mugendawala  Head of Research NPA.

CEPIDE Team delivering Research report and Policy brief on the State of doctoral education and training in Uganda on Tuesday, April 13 2021.Left is Dr. Tom D Balojja, center is PI CEPIDE Dr. Irene Etomaru and Right is the Commissioner for Higher Education, Ministry of Education and Sports.

For Details Download Files Below:

CEPIDE Final Report

CEPIDE Policy Brief


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