Nawangwe voted new Makerere VC

After a three months’ search, Prof Barnabas Nawangwe has been voted by Makerere University Council as new vice chancellor.

Nawangwe new Makerere vice-chancellor

Nawange is the outing second vice chancellor in charge of finance and administration.

Makerere University council picks Barnabas Nawangwe for Vice Chancellor


The Makerere University Council has today voted for Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe as the the new vice chancellor of Makerere University with a landslide victory.

Makerere debate leaves public guessing on VC job favourite

Last week, the three candidates in the race for vice chancellor of Makerere University held their first public debate, in which they formally unveiled their plans for the institution. MOSES TALEMWA has been talking to members of the University's Senate, which will soon deliberate over their chances.

Makerere VC race: Kirumira to give colleges more powers

Prof. Kirumira says, at the helm, he will delegate more powers to the Colleges so that most business of the university is offered at that level.


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