Research Agenda

The College of Education and External studies at its inception did not have an explicit research agenda; however the different schools have been carrying out research in line with their mandate and missions. The current CEES research agenda falls within the general university Strategic Plan 2008/09-2018/19 and CEES Strategic Plan 2011/12/2018/2019.The implied goals for research and the Core Values of Makerere University have been adopted and have thus informed the CEES Research Agenda. This will all be anchored in the CEES Institute for Educational Research (IER) with a salient aim of consolidating and enhancing the research profile of CEES. The specific research objectives in the CEES Research Agenda are in line with the objectives of the Makerere University Strategic Plan (2008/09-2018/2019), and the Makerere University Research and Innovations policy.