School of Education graduate student’s orientation 2019

On Friday 16th August 2019, Makerere University School of Education conducted an orientation session for Masters Students intake 2019/2020.  The event took place at School of Education in lecture room three

The session was coordinated by the postgraduate coordinator at School oAf Eduation Dr. Genza Gyaviira Musoke who welcomed the newly admitted students to School of Education, College of Education and External Studies and in general to the great Makerere University. He stressed that despite all the challenges faced by Makerere University, it still remains a great university on the African Continent

The event was graced by the Dean School of Education Associate Professor Betty Ezati who was represented by Dr. Nicholas Itaaga the head of Department humanities and Language Education.  Dr. Itaaga told the newly admitted graduate student that School of Education has enough qualified staff to take them through their course of study. He told student that masters level most of the work is done by the students. Students are assigned supervisors to guide them in their study

The only Professor of Philosophy of Education at School of Education Anthony Muwagga Mugagga attended the briefing session who blessed the session with a prayer. Other staff members who attended the orientation were Dr. Sebbowa Dorothy, Dr. Michael Walimbwa, Dr. Caeser Jjingo and Dr. Tamale Kagwa Victoria

School practice coordinator at School of Education Dr. Sekiziyivu Samuel gave a brief message about school practice for Students coming for Postgraduate Diploma in Education. He said that while undergraduate Students go for School Practice for 6 week, graduate students are required to go for 12 weeks. He told student to be serious while doing School Practice since it has the highest credit unit weight.  It was stressed that School Practice is always done at the end of the programme study before graduation.

The college registrar’s office was represented by Ms Nakanyike and Ms Kakungulu who took students through the registration and enrolment processes at Makerere University. They re-echoed the registration requirement at the provisional admission letters for the newly admitted students. They stressed the importance of maintaining names on original transcripts and to desist from using their spouse’s names while registering.  

Students were reminded that it is a university policy to pay 100% functional fees and 60% tuition fees for them to be able to register. College registrars further said that failure to meet deadlines attracts a surcharge. Student were informed that one cannot do end semester examinations without registering. They also pledged support to students who may wish to seek their help if faced with academic related problems

The College Librarian Ms Namusis Clementine who also doubles as the referencing Librarian at Makerere University main Library told students that the college and Makerere University has the books that students may need during the course of study.

She stressed that Makerere University online reference has the most up to date references. She pledged to teach students how to access online resources. Namusis pledged also to take students for an orientation tour to Makerere University Library