College of Education and External Studies has two Centres that serve as bases for Knowledge Transfer and Partnerships.

These Centres are:

Centre for Lifelong Learning (CLL)

The mandate of CLL is summarized in its motto: “Taking the University to the community and bringing the community to the University” which can be seen in terms of its efforts in:

  •  Bridging the gap between individual who are unable to come to the University through the intra-mural programmes with the University community
  •  Making University learning relevant to the community through identifying their learning needs and designing as well as offering problem-solving programmes in a flexible and non-formal  manner; and
  •  Promoting partnerships and collaborations with development agencies for technology/knowledge transfer.

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The Centre for Teaching and Learning Support (CTLS) 

The mandate of the Centre for Teaching and Learning Support in the University is to give: support to Teaching and Learning, Teaching and Learning Innovations, Knowledge Transfer, Partnerships and Networking, evaluation of teaching processes, professional development programs and educational technology Support Services.

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