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+256772456245 or +256701456245
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CCE Block, Makerere University-Uganda

Muwagga Mugagga Anthony (PhD) is Professor of Educational Foundations and Management in the Department of Educational Foundations and Curriculum Studies at the  College of Education and External Studies, Makerere University (CEES).  He is the Ag Director Makerere University Institute of Education Research. He has advanced training in Teacher Education, Economics, and Philosophy of Education, Child Rights and School Management.  He has been teaching at Makerere University first as a part-time lecturer since 1989 and then as a permanent lecturer since 2006. He over ten (10) years in higher education leadership. He teaches Philosophy of Education and other   Foundational papers to  both the regular and Distance Education students.  He has local and international academic leadership and visibility. He has  managed and been involved in local and   international  Projects  for example i) Assessment of Learning Outcomes and Quality of Education in Uganda’s Secondary Education Sub Sector Sponsored by UNESCO, 2016  ii) Competence Needs Assessment for Uganda Health Training Institutions’ Leaders, Managers and Administrators Sponsored by Intra-health Uganda, 2015  and iii)  Capacity Building for Teachers In post conflict Areas a Pilot Project Teachers in Northern Uganda Review and develop Peace  Building Education  for traumatized teachers and children in war affected areas of Uganda, Northern Ireland UK, Rwanda and Sierra Leone ,  2008. He is also a member of the Tuning and Harmonization of Higher Education in Africa which is consortium of over 70 African top universities a project sponsored by the European Commission and the university of Deusto.( He is also a TESSA Ambassador  Dr Mugagga has had all his training in standard English.

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Philosophy Education, Moral Education, Child Rights, Higher Education & Educational Foundations and Management

PhD (Philosophy of Education) Title: ”The Philosophical implications of the liberisation of University Education in Uganda” , Makerere University, 2006
Master of Education (Med) Educational Foundations (as an Occasional student), Makerere University, 2006
MA (EPP). Economic Policy & Planning, Makerere University, 2000
International Post Graduate Diploma in Child Rights, Elementary School & Class Management, Lund University Sweden, 2012
Certificate in Child Rights, Elementary Classroom and School Management, Lund University, 2010
Certificate in Child Rights, Elementary Classroom and School Management, Inner Mongolia Normal University, 2011
PGDE ( Econ/CRE), Makerere University, 1997
Computer Training (Spreadsheets Lotus 1-2-3 and Database Management, ATC-Sembule Computer Training Division, April –June 1994
Dip. Philosophy and Religious Studies, Katigondo National Seminary, 1994
Bachelor of Philosophy, Katigondo National Major Seminary/ Makerere University, 1995
BA SS (Economics /Political Science and Public Administration), Makerere University, 1990
UACE -Uganda advanced Certificate, Caltec Academic, 1987
UCE - Uganda Certificate of Education, Nagongera Seminary, 1984
PLE - Primary leaving certificate, Nagongera Minor Seminary, 1980
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