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+256 713 313 181/ 704 313 181
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School of Education
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The primary focus of my work is enhancing teacher learning in the Ugandan Context. Of particular interest is the promotion of Learner Centered Pedagogies among teachers of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Agriculture est., and the ways in which the use of Open Educational Resources can influence its implementation and teacher change.  

My studies are mainly conducted within an interpretivist paradigm, in which reality” is taken to be relative, thus are underpinned by the socio-cultural theories of learning - Learning is fundamentally social and mediated (social constructivist by Lev Vyogotsky), situated and distributed (situated learning by Lave and Wenger), and I adopt mainly Action research since it is consistent with the interpretivist paradigm


My professional work is concerned with science teacher development and the conceptualisation, planning and delivery of teacher education programmes with a particular focus on the use of open practices to enhance the use of Learner Centered Pedagogies by teachers of Science related subjects in Uganda. 

I am currently The Examination Coordinator at the Department of Science, Technical and Vocational Education at the College of Education and External Studies, Makerere University. 

Research Topics: 
  1. Attitudes and Practices of Uganda Secondary School Teachers in Learner-Centered Education and the contribution of Open Educational Resources.
  2. An assessment of whether the current A-level Biology Course in Uganda meets the aspirations and concerns of young people, requirements for higher education and the needs for modern biological science research
Master of Science in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Makerere University
Bachelor of Science with education, Biology/Chemistry, Makerere University
Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE), Makerere High School, Kampala
Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE), Duhaga Secondary School, Hoima
Kenya Certificate for Primary Education (KCPE), Kalkada Primary School, Siaya