Dr Paul Birevu Muyinda

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5 years 7 months
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Nsubuga Block
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Mobile and electronic learning, ICTs in Education, Open and Distance Learning, ICT for Sustainable Development, Information Systems, E- and M-governance, databases systems, mobile applications development, IT for business development

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Prof. Muyinda, is the Project Coordinator of the PEBL, EPICA, DELP and EQIP Projects at Makerere University. He is an Associate Professor of Open, Distance and eLearning (ODeL) and the Deputy Principal of the College of Education and External Studies at Makerere University. He is a Certified Blended Learning developer who has been named by Bob Little as one of the top 100 movers and shakers of online corporate education in Africa. He is the convenor of the first ever blended learning programmes at Makerere University – the Masters of Instructional Design and Technology and the Bachelor of Youth Development Work. He is the author of 1) more than 50 scientific publications in ODeL; 2) the Mobile Learning Object Deployment and Utilisation Framework (MoLODUF); 3) a Mobile Learning System; and 4) numerous research grants funded by international agencies such as Norad, DIKU, Sida, Nuffic, DfID and EU. He has worked with numerous subject matter experts to ‘onlinize’ different instruction courses and programmes and advise Government on ODeL. He holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Education (ICT), PhD in Information System (mLearning), Masters in Computer Science and Application, Bachelor of Statistics. and numerous skills improvement qualifications in ODeL. 


A man from a very humble background but now an exceptionally dynamic open, distance and eLearning/blended learning specialist holding a PhD in Information Systems (mobile and electronic learning), Postgraduate Diploma in Education (ICT), Master of Computer Science and Application and Bachelor of Statistics. My PhD dissertation was titled, ‘A Software Framework for Interoperating Mobile and Online Learning’. This thesis received an award as the best post graduate research project of 2010 in the Uganda Communications Commission Annual Communications Innovation Award of 2010. Earlier on it had received a highly commended research award in 2009 from Emerald African Management Research Fund Award.

I have undertaken and continue to undertake numerous skills improvement trainings which have made me stand out as an exceptional open, distance and eLearning specialist. It is for this reason that Bob Little named me among the 100 movers and shakers of cooperate online education in Africa.

Currently, I am an Associate Professor of Open, Distance and eLearning (ODeL) and Deputy Principal, College of Education and External Studies at Makerere University. I have extensive practical and research experience in m-learning, e-learning, blended learning and open and distance education.

I have implemented several information systems in ODeL. I led the team which developed and implemented the mobile broadcast system - a system for easing collaboration and interaction amongst distance learners. I also initiated the Mobile Research Supervision Initiative (MRSI), an initiative in which lecturers supervise research for distance learners using low through to high end mobile phones. I developed IT requirements for distance learning in and outside Uganda. I have provided support for the smooth implementation of ODeL at Makerere University. I designed and set up ICT study centers for the Department of Open and Distance Learning in 5 regional centers in Kampala, Jinja, Lira, Mbale and Fort Portal. Before Makerere University introduced the Academics Records Information System (ARIS), I developed and installed a records keeping system (DE Records Keeper) for the Department of Open and Distance Learning. This system played a crucial role in managing records of the over 6,000 distance learners at Makerere University. The DE Records Keeper was later disbanded for a University wide management information system. I have been able to author and win grants to implement different projects in my area of research interest. I have contributed significantly to the development and implementation of Makerere University’s strategic plan and the ODeL Policy. I was a core member of the team that developed the Makerere University’s Educational Technology Strategy (MakETS). I was a member of the team that developed the Institute of Adult and Continuing Education’s and Department of Distance Education’s strategic plans. I am a member of Senate and several other decision making organs at the University.

I have executed numerous local, regional and international projects and consultancies in distance education, m-learning and e-learning. I have undertaken baseline and endline evaluation consultancies and operations research for Amref Health Africa in Uganda. I was a co-researcher in a project for the Inter-University Council for East Africa, titled, ‘Enhancing the Capacity of East African Universities to Utilize ICT for Sustainable Regional Development’. I was also a co-researcher in the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) Project for ‘Designing, Developing and Implementing an East African Network of Research Excellence (EANRE) and Observatory (EANREO)’. Further, I was one of the lecturers who developed e-content for the MakETS piloting project funded by the Partnership for Higher Education in Africa (PHEA). I was a co-researcher in NUFFIC Project for ICT capacity building in Mozambique. I have previously conducted ICT training consultancies for National Commission for UNESCO in Nakaseke Multimedia Centre and MS Data Figure in Pallisa District Local Government.

As an academic, I have taught information and communication technology related courses, research design and methodology and e-tutoring on the different open and distance learning programmes at Makerere University. I have used both the traditional face-to-face and eLearning/online modes to deliver courses. I have supervised undergraduate and postgraduate research dissertations/thesis to completion and presented at a number of international and local conferences. I have attended a number of capacity building short courses in distance education, e-learning, blended learning, e-content development, statistical data analysis, project planning and monitoring, communication and scholarly writing, software engineering, GIS data management, student support and tutoring, writing fundable proposals and strategic plans, etc. I have published book chapters and journal articles and edited a book on Distance Education for InTech Publishers.

In a nutshell, I have striven to balance my professional and academic expertise with community work. I am a competent and principled researcher, professional, manager, planner and academic of ODeL. I am self-motivated, disciplined, team player, effective public speaker, innovative thinker, performance and results oriented, trustworthy and incorruptible officer. Throughout my work life, I have demonstrated competencies as a leader driven by the need to serve, respect and strengthen those I serve and human kind. I believe in building and strengthening institutions and taking on challenges that add value to humanity by causing economic development. All this is demonstrated by my academic and work experiences as is summarized here and detailed in my CV.

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Current Research: 
PGDE (ICT), University of Cape Town, South Africa (Jan – Dec 2013)
PhD in Information System, Makerere University, Uganda (2005-2010)
MSc Computer Science & Applications, Shanghai University, P.R. China (1995 - 1998)
Bachelor of Statistics (Upper Second), Makerere University, Uganda (1991 – 1994)
Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education, St. Peters College, Tororo, Uganda (1989 – 1991)
Certificate of Education (Division I), Jinja College, Jinja, Uganda (1985 – 1988)
Primary Leaving Examination (Division I), Buswale Primary School, Bugiri, Uganda (1978 – 1984)