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School of education, Makerere University Uganda

Dr Ezati holds a PhD in Education (Gender issues in higher education from Makerere University) 2004, M.Ed (teacher education) (1992) and BA with Education (1990) all from Makerere University. She also holds a higher diploma in Policy Studies from the University of Alberta, Canada (1994) and a Diploma in Child Rights, Classroom and School management from Lund University in Sweden (2013). In addition she has undertaken several certificate courses in teaching and learning in higher education, research management, organizational management from the University of Kassel in Germany (2005), Gender Focused research methodology, Gender and Management and Gender and Social Policy. All these courses have broadened my understanding of educational issues in the country and beyond.  Specifically, my understanding of the teaching and learning process, school community interaction, the role of the teacher in the promotion of equity and equality in the school system, peace and conflict resolution has been enhanced.

Diploma in Child Rights, Classroom and School management, Lund University Sweden, 2013
Doctor of Philosophy - Title of the thesis: The Dynamics of Gender Equity and Equality in Universities. An Analysis of Women Teachers’ Experiences at Makerere University, Uganda (2004)
Graduate Diploma in Policy Studies, University of Alberta (1993- 1994).
Master of Education, Makerere University (1990 – 1992) Major areas of studies. Sociological, Philosophical and Historical issues in education, Educational Management, Research Methods and Data Management
Bachelor of Arts with Education, majored in History (1986 – 1989)