Towards an improved assessment and examination system in institutions of higher learning in Uganda.

TitleTowards an improved assessment and examination system in institutions of higher learning in Uganda.
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsOpolot-Okurut, C
Conference NameNational Education Graduate Students' Conference
Date Published2006-09-28
KeywordsAssessment, Assessment of Prior Learning, Examinations, Moral Education, Uganda, universities

This paper highlights issues on Educational Assessment and Examinations. The summative and formative types of assessment are differentiated. Following a survey of several universities in Uganda, the current assessment and examinations practices are explained in terms of the weighting of the written examination and course work, then the dissertations and viva voce for the graduate awards. The paper exposes several of the examination malpractices and irregularities that are rampant in all these universities. The key players in these malpractices and irregularities appear to be a racket combination of the students, the lecturers and the support staff as well as some outsiders. The standards for teacher competence are stated with a view to provoke lecturers to the direction of serious academic and professional work. Characteristics of a good examination that both students and the lecturers should be aware of are pointed out. It concludes with ideas on how the assessment and examinations could be improved in the institutions of higher learning as well as the need for training lecturers on examination practices as part of the continuous professional development. Finally, it proposes measures to curb examination malpractices that can only demand a team with upright morals.

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