Dr. Michael Walimbwa presents Pedal to ARUA Deputy Vice Chancellors at Makerere University

On 4th Sept 2019 Michael Walimbwa, PhD a lecturer from Makerere University, School of Education under College of Education and External Studies presented Pedal to ARUA Deputy Vice Chancellors in charge of research and academics. Pedal is a project working on improving Pedagogy in African Universities.This took place at Makerere University in the Council room.


Principle CEES Led a team from CEES to Kenya

The College Principal, Prof. F. Masagazi-Masaazi led a team from CEES to the official Launch Ceremony of Pedagogical Leadership in Africa (Pedal). The team from CEES include Dr Sikoyo Leah and Dr. Kabugo David. The two will participate in the inception workshop for Padel for one week

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