Social Responsibility of Public and Private Universities in Uganda

TitleSocial Responsibility of Public and Private Universities in Uganda
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsDdungu, L, Edopu, RN
JournalMakerere Journal of Higher Education

This paper presents a comparative analysis of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in public and private universities in Uganda. The paper is based on a cross-sectional survey that involved 780 respondents. These included 44 university administrators, 356 staff members and 380 students who were drawn from 22 universities. The findings show that both the public and private universities exhibited CSR albeit to a very low extent. Moreover, involvement in CSR differed significantly across the universities in such a way that it was much lower in public than in private universities. Drawing from the literature and university community partnership models of higher education delivery, a case for the universities’ greater involvement with their communities is made after which recommendations towards realization of this goal are highlighted.