Relevance of university education in Uganda.

TitleRelevance of university education in Uganda.
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsBakkabulindi, FEK
Book TitleIn S. Oni (Ed.), Making education work in Africa. Indianapolis, US: Dog Ear.
KeywordsICT; Innovation; Organizational change; Makerere University

This paper reports on part of a survey of ICT adoption in Makerere University that sought to investigate the link between organizational characteristics, in particular, ability to absorb change; ICT culture; size; and leaders’ ICT change management style(s) on one hand; and ICT adoption in the university’s various schools, faculties, institutes and administrative departments on the other hand. The findings were that ICT adoption is linked to the units’ ability to absorb change and the goodness of their leaders’ ICT change management styles. Hence, recommendations towards making the units capable of absorbing change and improving their leaders’ ICT change management styles are made.