The College of Education and External Studies is committed to engaging and serving our communities.

Community Engagement is a strategic priority as it is enshrined in the CEES Strategic Plan 2011/12- 2018/19 under Knowledge Transfer Partnerships.



Measures of  Success

To create enabling environment for public and private sector interface in the promotion of formal and non-formal education in a competitive setting

To increase public private sector partnerships with CEES

  • The number of joint projects established with private sector
  • The number of operational business and technology innovation incubation centres established 
  • The number of staff scholarships supported by the private sector and NGOs

To promote increased joint research, technology innovation and transfer initiatives to address CEES and stakeholder needs

To provide partnership framework for assessment and utilization of CEES products in the value chain in formal and non-formal education

To establish a partnership with the Public and the private sector utilization of CEES competencies

  • Number of different events organized to involve the private and public sectors in CEES policy and curriculum development  activities


To increase partnerships with communities in areas relevant to activities  of CEES











To strengthen existing collaborations and initiate new ones with public, private and non-governmental bodies and organizations

  • Number of collaborative community service projects developed and implemented
  • Number of publications resulting from collaborative community projects
  • Number of formalized linkages between the communities and CEES through CBOs, CSOs, NGOs and government programmes
  • Number of departmental staff who have participated in community forums
  • Number of MoUs signed with local governments

To develop and implement community service projects

To participate in formal and non-formal education/learning-related community development forums and committees

To create opportunities for students to engage with communities through field attachment for the promotion of transformative education experiences

To engage with communities in the development of learning-related interventions that respond to community needs and interests

To extend career guidance and diversified training and consultancy services to the community