Objectives of the CEES Research Agenda


The objectives of this research agenda are therefore to:

  1. Create an enabling innovations and research environment for both the staff and students of CEES.
  2. Strengthen the research capacity of CEES staff and students.
  3. Mobilise, coordinate and manage research funds for and in CEES.
  4. Enhance the transformation of CEES into a hub for educational research, educational policy and planning in Uganda, East Africa and beyond.
  5. Take lead in the dissemination of educational research findings.
  6. Enable CEES become the leading centre for education knowledge transfer, networking and innovation in the region.
  7. Create a culture of collaboration and networking between staff and staff, staff and students, students and students, and other educational stakeholders.
  8. Publish educational resources resulting from the research and training activities at CEES.