Cultivating Critical Thinking Amongst University Graduate Students

TitleCultivating Critical Thinking Amongst University Graduate Students
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsOnen, D
Book Title Handbook of Research on Promoting Higher-Order Skills and Global Competencies in Life and Work

The importance of critical thinking in 21st century knowledge economy is no longer disputable. Yet, its cultivation amongst learners remains a challenge - even to the most accomplished teachers. This chapter examines the perceptions of critical thinking held by faculty members of a university's college of education in Uganda. The study findings reveal that faculty members have different perceptions of what critical thinking is, its importance, and how it is cultivated amongst graduate students. Additionally, the faculty reported several challenges while cultivating critical thinking among students. It was thus concluded that the differences in faculty members' perceptions of critical thinking were responsible for its inadequate cultivation amongst students, other factors notwithstanding. Therefore, the study recommends for the formal inclusion of critical thinking in the curricula of graduate programs in order to strengthen its cultivation among students.