Makerere VC campaign: What each candidate is saying

Friday, 16 June 2017
Damali Mukhaye
L-R: Professors; Baryamureba, Kirumira, and

L-R: Professors; Baryamureba, Kirumira, and Nawangwe. 

By Damali Mukhaye

The search for the next Makerere University vice chancellor has kick started with public presentation by three candidates shortlisted by the search committee.
The public pitch is taking place at the university’s Main Hall where candidates are laying out their visions and strategies to deliver them for the country’s oldest and largest university.

Prof Edward Kirumira

Our focus must be put into addressing issues that affect students first, to benefit the university and public.

I plan to introduce a scheme where students will work for the university and get money to pay their tuition.

Security of university properties and documents will be key and its number one on my agenda.

I also plan to ensure that policies that were formulated on financial management are implemented. Currently out of the 10 policies that were formulated, only 3 have been passed so I will make sure that the remaining 7 are also passed.

We should utilize spaces that the university has like Kabanyoro among other properties to over the problem of financial constrain the university has been facing.

About the tuition policy, I plan to introduce Makerere university scheme where students will work for the university and get money to pay their tuition.

Security of the university properties and documents will be key and its number one of my agenda so I beg that you entrust me with their opportunity

Student to Kirumira: How will you manage the whole university yet you have failed to manage a college?

Kirumira. The issue of marks cuts across the university. So I am suggesting that we decentralise powers to the colleges.

Prof Barnabas Nawangwe

Makerere University is the 4th in East Africa and 500th in the whole world but we don't have a hospital. So i plan to bring one.

The university is going to have a five star and three star hotels to replace the university guest house as well as well as five apartments for students residing in halls of residence.

Staff have had a salary enhancement, because me and colleagues did something.

We need a well-motivated, skillful, resourceful and vibrant staff.

We want satisfied and focused students. Can we put in place measures to ensure that they concentrate? No strikes.

I have given myself deadlines to achieve all my plans. We can transform our society if we work together.

We do not want Makerere to keep closing. We want to work with all stakeholders.

Prof Baryamureeba

We shall have a Makerere University customer service charter, so that our main clients (students) know what to expect.

We shall mainstream ICT in all our programmes, and give refresher courses to our staff

We are going to improve on the research environment within the colleges.

We are going to allocate 10% of the budget to renovation and infrastructural development

We need to implement a staff housing scheme. Enable equitable promotion of all staff in the university.

We need to increase the retirement age for associate professors, professors and senior staff

You do not have to do promotions, by looking at hard copy papers. This can be done online.

Anybody tempering with the university students marks system, altering the marks of students, count your days. I am coming for you