Linking pre-service teacher training and continuing professional development to quality education

TitleLinking pre-service teacher training and continuing professional development to quality education
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsEzati, BAkullu
Conference Name 2017 DETA conference

Uganda is making every efforts to improve quality of primary education, but with minimal success. Literacy and numeracy levels of primary school pupils remain low. Improving pupils’ learning outcomes involves developing quality teacher workforce. However, with the fast changing world, knowledge and skills gained during initial teacher education needs continuous renewal. This paper focuses on initiatives aimed at improving the quality of education in primary schools and primary teacher education since 1990. Specifically, this paper analyses the curriculum and pedagogical initiatives in primary schools, and primary teacher education institutions. In addition, it analyses the content of government led Continuing Professional Development (CPD), and whether CPD content feeds into teacher education curriculum. Data was collected using document analysis and interviews with tutors from primary teacher education institutions, curriculum developers, primary school teachers, and ministry of education officials. Findings show more frequent changes in primary schools than in primary teacher education institutions resulting in low alignment between teacher education curriculum and those in primary schools. Although CPD programmes are available, they are accessed by few teachers. Moreover, issues handled during CPD are hardly incorporated into teacher education curriculum, thus calling for continuous CPD for newly qualified teachers. This paper suggests closer relationship and sharing of information among pre-service providers and those offering CPD at school level.