Leisure defined by perceiving choice: perspectives of Ugandan women

TitleLeisure defined by perceiving choice: perspectives of Ugandan women
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsTaniguchi, ST, Hite, SJ, Ward, PJ, Mugimu, CB, Nsubuga, YK
JournalWorld Leisure Journal
Date PublishedAugust 2018
Keywordsfortifying leisure, meaning of leisure, Neulinger’s paradigm, Ugandan leisure, Women’s leisure

he purpose of this phenomenological study was to expand the predominantly ethnocentric definitions of leisure by exploring the meaning of leisure among women in the developing East African nation of Uganda. Semi-structured interviews were used to understand the perspectives of 38 Ugandan women, and main themes were developed from the data using the constant comparative method. Our analysis revealed the core variable of perceiving choice emerging from themes including fortifying, restoring, and enjoying. Ugandan women used leisure to enhance their sense of identity, improve their health, build relationships and network, enhance their professional skills, strengthen family and community, refresh from daily work, and enjoy life. While leisure was often co-occurring with emotional and physical labour, women considered activities to be leisure when they perceived participation was freely chosen. The findings challenge the dichotomous relationship between work and leisure.