Professor William Senteza Kajubi


Lecture History Overview


The Professor William Senteza Kajubi Memorial Lecture is an initiative of the College of Education and External Studies which was established to honour the life and work of the late Professor William Senteza, Kajubi.


Recognizing the great contributions of Professor Senteza Kajubi in the development of education in Uganda.


Providing an annual platform for educationists and other academicians to share experiences with decision makers and other stakeholders on various education issues as an avenue to streamline the education sector in Uganda as well as inform policy.


Increasing the visibility of the College of Education and External Studies.


Professor William Senteza Kajubi distinguished himself as a prominent contributor in shaping Uganda’s education system. He was instrumental in the introduction of Universal Primary Education, the widening of access to university education for primary and secondary school teachers, the massification of access to public universities and in the opening of private universities.

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