Institutional Planning in the Context of Higher Education: Challenges and Prospects

TitleInstitutional Planning in the Context of Higher Education: Challenges and Prospects
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsOnen, D
JournalInternational Journal of Education and Research
Keywordschallenges, higher education, institutional planning, prospects, University

This study delved into the challenges and prospects of institutional planning at Makerere University in Uganda with the aim of identifying the major challenges and prospects of planning at the institution. It was prompted by the persistent complaints from stakeholders over the Institution’s failure to meet its set goals and objectives despite the numerous attempts to plan its growth and development. The study took the interpretive and narrative design in which data were collected through literature search and desk study methods. Study results revealed: first that the challenges facing institutional planning at Makerere University emanate from both within and without the Institution. Second, due to the developments within and outside the University, the future prospects for undertaking effective planning in the University are high. It was thus concluded that despite the myriads of challenges that the University faces, it will still be possible to effectively plan for the Institution since there are means for circumventing more or less all the hurdles to institutional planning at the University Therefore, the author recommends that University managers and planners must remain prudent and innovative in formulating and implementing the Institution’ strategic plans