Health and Safety

Travel precautions and tips:

  • Scams: Thefts are the major “scams” you will encounter, including pick-pockets in crowds, such as at soccer matches, and thefts from parked vehicles or vehicles stuck in traffic.  Also, take care when doing any online banking or purchases in Uganda, as there has been an increase in fraud involving wire transfers, credit cards, checks etc.
  • You may consider arranging for travel insurance that has theft insurance for electronics or other valuables.
  • A money belt is especially nice when traveling long distances. 
  • Avoid running through grass trails as there are lots of cobras and mambas in rural Uganda.  Stick to the main roads unless you are walking slowly and making a lot of noise. 
  • Avoid walking alone at night, especially in isolated, dark places.
  • Be respectful around armed guards and military personnel. 
  • In small towns, avoid traveling with large denomination bills– it may be much easier for the seller of some item/shopkeeper to raise the price of whatever item you are purchasing than to find your change.
  • Keep away from scenes of violence and violent protests
  • Try as much as possible to keep away from crowded places that may be a target for terror attacks. Likewise, report any suspicious packages and parcels in your vicinity.

Local resources

  • Robbery, crime: contact site coordinator, local police.
  • Stolen passport: contact Embassy of your country.
  • Civil unrest: check with your embassy to see what arrangement they have in place for your protection and safety. 


  • Avoid using Boda Boda cycles (motorcycle taxis); they are a leading cause of accidents, injuries and deaths.
  • When using public transport from a Bus or Taxi Park, do not let the “baggage handlers” touch your suitcase; you may have to tip them generously to rescue your baggage. 


How to get from the airport to your site
Please make sure the International coordination office knows when you are coming and confirm a few days beforehand, so that she can have a driver waiting for you at the airport.  Feel free to tip the driver $7-$10.  

Typical costs of basic items

  • Food budget: 70,000-150,000 UgSh/week (up to 250,000 depending on how much you eat out) 
  • 1L water=2,000 UgS.
  • Transport:  20,000- 50,000Ug Shillings per week depending on how much you use taxis.
  • Accommodation: 35,000- 200,000 Ug. Shillings per night depending on where one chooses to stay.

Items which you may wish to bring

  • Donations (Please carry as much as you can for donation).

One can also choose to visit one of the many game parks in the country or spend a leisurely afternoon watching cultural dancers at Ndere Troupe Center in Ntinda, near the City Centre.