Education Partnerships in Africa


School of Distance and Lifelong Learning (SoDLL) in partnership with Leeds Metropolitan University in the UK  has developed an employability and entrepreneurship skills development programme for school leavers.

The Education Partnerships in Africa Project (EPA) is funded by British Council and aims to build institutional capacity in the African Institutions of Higher Education for delivering employability and entrepreneurship skills in collaboration with local employers and social enterprises.

The project has so far trained staff to design and deliver the programme, a curriculum and course materials have been developed, the programme has been tested in four regional centres of Makerere University.

The EPA project has been extended to assist Makerere University to develop a modern Outcomes Based Education (OBE) curriculum and help integrate it into Makerere’s undergraduate programmes and to liaise with stakeholders to embed this reform as a national curriculum model for Uganda’s Higher Education.

The project will help the Ugandan Higher Education sector shift efforts towards student-centred learning with emphasis on learning outcomes and away from a credit transfer scheme and quality measures that are input based on measuring teacher-student contact hours without reference to learning,with little attention to skills,  and no distinction of level or hierarchy of learning.