The College Planning, Estates and Security Committee

The College Planning, Estates and Security Committee;

  1. Deputy Principal, Dr. A. M. Mugagga                                                -Chairperson
  2. Bursar’s Rep. Mr. R. Sambwa                                                             -Member
  3. Academic Staff Rep.  Dr. M.B. Mulumba                                             -Member
  4. Senior staff Rep. (Vacant, to be filled)                                                -Member
  5. Co-opted, Mr. C. Areyebi                                                                  -Member
  6. Co-opted (HR Officer), Ms  Racheal Ikiriza(Secretary)                        -Member
  7.  Mr. T.L. Kakinda (co-opted)                                                             -Rep. SOE/DHLE
  8. Dr. P. Muyinda Birevu (co-opted)                                                      -Rep. SODLL/ DODLL
  9. Dr. Bakabulindi (co-opted)                                                               -Rep. EASHESD
  10. Mr. A. Tumwebaze (co-opted)                                                          -Rep. DACE
  11. Dr. N. Itaaga   (Co-opted)                                                                 -Rep DCFS
  12. Mr. R. Oketch-Okwong (co-opted)                                                    -Rep. DSTVE

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