Capacity building program for teachers in post conflict areas (C-TCA): A pilot project for teachers in Northern Uganda



Brief Background

Given the 23 armed conflict in Northern Uganda the affected Ugandans have been traumatized.  The education sector has been affected particularly   the enrolment of rehabilitative centres post the war to help the system return to normal.  Unfortunately schools have no mechanisms or formal training in peace building and psychosocial  skills required to manage both the traumatized teachers, children and their parents.  The School of Education, with funding from British Council/DFID and in partnership with Kyambogo, Kigali National Institute of Education, Faurah Bay College of University of Sierra Leone and Stranmillis University College of Queen’s University Belfast cam in to build this capacity.

Outcomes so far achieved

  • Teachers in northern Uganda are able to manage traumatized learners and fellow teachers thus reducing the impact of trauma while increasing productivity.
  • The much needed counseling is freely and readily available to students, teachers and the community at large.
  • Peace education has been incorporated in the Makerere University and Kyambogo University’s teacher training curriculum to equip the teacher trainees with the much needed support to handle students in similar settings.
  • A peace education training modules and materials have been developed for in-service teachers to bring them on board.